"Carr’s touch is unusually refined and poetic, allowing for an astonishing range of dynamics between piano and the extreme reaches of audibility. His ability to shade and shape a phrase recalls some of great pianist-poets of the past—Dinu Lipatti, especially —and some of Davidsbündlertänze’s most tender moments are wonders of both expressiveness and control." Full review  
- Fanfare Magazine

"In the ambiguous Schumann collection, the young musician's hypersensitivity enables him to give a tender and successful rendition of the pages signed by Eusebius the dreamer, and his great energy and enthusiasm become fully liberated as Florestan flares up. The torments and the hesitations, the instances of mischief and ingenuousness : Joachim Carr has grasped fully the two facets of this score. (...) Natural and of great vitality, these performances place him amongst the most promising pianists of his generation." Full review (in French) 
- Diapason

"The Davidsbundlertanze has long lines, with a great balance of melody and harmony, tender and heartfelt without exaggeration. (...) His playing is incredibly polished and refined." Full review
- American Record Guide 

"The Schumann here reveals an enormous technique, the Brahms adds a refined poetic sensitivity and the Berg a feeling for understated drama; and the Liszt/Schumann arrangement – one of the loveliest encapsulations of joy in all music – provides the cream on this excellent cake. (...) Lots of people can play the piano well, but here's someone with something to say about the music, whose narration holds your interest. He's a musician we are going to be hearing a lot more from in the future." Full review (in Norwegian) 
- Klassisk Musikkmagasin

" (...) this is an excellent debut disc, a disc transmitting a strong signal of great artistic ambitions. And of a great pianistic talent." Full review (translated from Norwegian) 
- Bergens Tidende

interview in paris match, 2015                                                  

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